Audyo Jay A.K.A. The Vocabulous One

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Parental Discretion Is Advised.
Explicit Flows.
All violence refers to music.
I mean every word.
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Bandlab: James Harmon
Twitter: @mistawrite100
Instagram: audyoj1 feel free to follow. Thanks

I record to express my life experience. Momentarily or periodically. My styles vary according to mood and music. I do not condone violence. I'm not talking to anyone in particular. I'm just lyrically shadowboxing. It's a skill that I can do so I like to flex. Feel free to do better. Challenging myself to collab with others I don't know is great. Shout out to Nana. Good app. Keep innovating. Thanks to all who applaud my stuff. I need feedback to improve. Educated criticism only. I give advice too. Just ask. Peace out, Jay.👈💯

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