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Here's a collab with a new talented friend kuks. Excellent musician. And i felt I really wanted to collab on a very beautiful song like this covered #acoustic by #JohnMayer and his #Guitar . It's simple but I enjoyed it. Hope you like it!

#acousticversion #acousticcover #freefallin #english #nanaglobal #nanamusic #litcollab #Evelynkeii #kuks #nanaduet


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  • 🎤Gibson🎸 2018/2/13

    Very nice you two! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🎯

  • DiCRESPO2018/2/13

    fantastic duo 👏🙄🔝

  • Evelynkeii2018/2/13

    >>🎤Gibson🎸 thank you for your words! kuks makes it really easy to come up with something nice. He's very talented.

  • Evelynkeii2018/2/13

    >>DiCRESPO 🙆😘

  • 🎤Gibson🎸 2018/2/13

    >>Evelynkeii i agree completely and your talent never hurts 😉👍🏼👏🏼

  • Evelynkeii2018/2/13

    >>🎤Gibson🎸 hahaha well, thank you so much! 😊

  • ☀️įŊ§tŖŪmĘŊtคĿʧ ĵคŊ §☪ ☀️2018/3/14

    >>Evelynkeii Amiga felicidades 🎊 por ganar la #nanaduet 🙌🙌🙌🎶🎶🎶

  • Evelynkeii2018/3/14

    >>☀️įŊ§tŖŪmĘŊtคĿʧ ĵคŊ §☪ ☀️ 😄hehe sii estoy viendo eso!!! que bueno! estoy contenta... 😊

  • kuks2018/3/14

    heyo congratz :D

  • Evelynkeii2018/3/14

    >>kuks Man! I was just checking that out. Congrats to you!! you're the creator I just clapped the rhythm haha😂... thank you for that!

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