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Hello and thank you for visiting my profile😁

My name is Sahra Yasmin !!
I am a musician,
and a multi instrumentalist🎻🎺🎷🎸📯🎵
i play these instruments the best :

Piano and Synthesizers🎹
Guitar 🎸
Trombone 🎺
tambourine 🥁🎶
Darbuka (tunisian drums)🥁
Drums 🥁

🌹My instagram name is sahra_yasmin_eleah🌹

I personally do not believe in categories neither do i think they are necessary because music is music no matter where its from..❤
If my ears are Fascinated by it than its music and thats speaks for everybody❤

if it sounds good its music ~james brown
no need for reading notes!!

Study the greatest and become greater ~Michael Jackson !!

Music is the best medicine in the world ~Prince Rogers Nelson!!

all this my friends is inspiration from the finest !!

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