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I am but a voice yearning to be heard. 90 seconds is all I ask.

♀ジェイミ⏳19歳🇵🇭 フィリピン👄フィリピン語/英語/日本語(勉強中)🎤下手

Jamie/♀/19/Philippines/Tagalog, English, Japanese(currently studying)/average vocal skills😅

よろしくお願いします😊Pleased to meet you!

(Ask for permission first if you're planning on adding to my non-collabo material)

英訳で作詞リスト/Japanese songs with translated lyrics→ https://nana-music.com/playlists/2078125/

コラボ用リスト/For collabo→ https://nana-music.com/playlists/2065345/

DTM伴奏/Instrumentals→ https://nana-music.com/playlists/2225365/

オリジナル集/Originals→ https://nana-music.com/playlists/2088407/

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