Introducing worldwide awesome instrumental tracks!

Sing along to nana user's instrumental tracks!

Check out these songs from the world and add your vocal or music instruments to it!  All the tracks are arranged so cool, I hope you like them!

Please, make sure to "applause" the user or leave a comment if you want to use their tracks!  

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Thanks to the users who posted their amazing covers, I hope they don't mind introducing here ;) :

Lamsing, pvpreme, boonoz, SwiftBeats, MEGU, 小唄, K-Dahyun, 慈音/Jion, すばる, Kaan, Nori, とろろ(•ؔʶ̷ ټ ؔʶ̷)Paradigm Shift, いしい@演奏の人, たいっちー!, もずく/mozuku


Here's some instrumentals from Thailand!

Song Title: เจ็บนิดเดียว / Artist: LS^^•#

Song Title: restart / Artist: Room39

Song Title: คำถามซึ่งไร้คำตอบ / Artist: Getsunova


Listen to these Indian tracks by "Swiftbeats"!

Song Title: Agar Tum Saath ho / AR Rahman

Song Title: cover freestyle Veer Zara - Do Pal / Veer zara

Song Title: Tum Hi Ho Cover Song / Artist: Arijit Singh

Songs from the 2016 hit chart

A couple of arranged instrumental tracks from the UK & US Top chart!

Song Title: Closer / Artist: The Chainsmokers ft. Halesy

Song Title: Perfect Illusion / Artist: Lady Gaga

Song Title: Cold Water / Artist: Major Lazer feat. Justin Bieber & MΦ)

Hits from the past (2000s)

Not in chart any more but still, a very famous ones!

Song Title: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Artist: Taylor Swift

Song Title: When I Was Your Man / Artist: Bruno Mars

Song Title: Sunday Morning / Artist: Maroon 5

Song Title: Oops!...I Did It Again / Artist: Britney Spears

Hits from the past (80s, 90s)

Released in the 80s or 90s, but I guess everyone know these?!

Song Title: Top of the World / Artist: Carpenters

Song Title: Learn to Fly / Artist: Foo Fighters

Song Title: All At Once / Artist: Whitney Houston

Song Title: To Be With You / Artist: Mr. Big