Who won the 1st annual nana Awards?

Time to Celebrate nana Awards!

Awards season has officially kicked into high gear as entertainment news headlines have been filled with major announcements such as Bruno Mars winning 7 Grammy Awards. 

With this Awards season in full swing, we've decided to make our first ever nana Awards! 

Let's see who made outstanding achievements on nana this year!

Total Posts

19.5 Million tracks have been posted to nana in a year from 2017 to 2018. Yep,19.5 million..that's actually equivalent to the population of Romania in 2016.ISN'T IT CRAZY?!😆

TOP 5 users (post)

Here are TOP 5 users who have posted the most within the year. 

1. J.Ferguson

2. Dicrespo

3. 💜♏☪️☯️☀️JaN Sc️☀️☯️☪️♏💜

4. ıllıllı (🎧SAF🎧) ıllıllı

5. 🕴 🖤Sahra yasmin🖤 🕴

Count of Applauses

This is the number of hands everyone has given each other worldwide...which was almost 85 million round of applause! Who would have ever heard such a number of claps in a year.

TOP 5 users (applaused)

Here are TOP 5 users who've received the largest number of applause in a year.
Great job guys, let's give them another great round of applause!

1. aliènette

2. Y.S.K

3. 'にしやん Nishiyan

4. Nathan'seoul♩

5. zaazriel

TOP 5 users (applausers)

Here are TOP 5 users who gave the greatest number of applause.

1. aliènette

2. Nathan'seoul♩

3. zaazriel

4. Jeni

5. Dicrespo

TOP 5 applaused posts

Here are TOP 5 posts that have received the largest number of applause!

Y.S.K has done an amazing job!

1. Shape of You/Ed Sheeran

2. Love Yourself/Justin Bieber

3. Hello/Adele

4. Rockabye/Clean Bandit

5. One Dance/Drake

Most Searched Artist

Here's the list of artists that were most searched on nana! 

Looks like hip-hop artists dominated this ranking.
Listen to some of the covers and instrumentals of the artists to collab on!

1. Drake

2.Bad Bunny

3. Migos

4. Maluma

5. 21 Savage

Most Searched Songs

And last but not least, here are TOP5 songs that were searched the most in a year. As many of you could probably guess, Despacito came first. 

1. Despacito

2. Shape of You

3. Love Yourself

4. Let me love you

5. Closer


Congratulations to those who won this award this year. 

And thanks to every single nana user for making our platform such a great place. We truly appreciate all of you.❤️ 

Until next nana Awards. ✌️