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Announcement time!

Thanks all for joining nana Duet campaign!

We are pleased to hear so many high quality duet tracks... all of them were wonderful!

Out of all the great duet tracks, the winners we've picked are the following contestants. You will get a chance to be interviewed on our official blogs and will be contacted directly by us!




The winner track has been chosen by nana staff based on how well it exemplified the entry requirements.

nana app is all about the music collaborations and connections. Therefore, nana Duet tracks were such a great example on how to enjoy collaborating with others online! Thanks again for making it an amazing event.

Hope you will keep duetting with others and expand your connections on nana app. 

Keep an eye on "Discover" list for further events to come up too!

What you will get

- We will hand select the best duet based on how well it exemplified the entry requirements and tips.

- Everyone involved in the best "nana duet" will be featured on our official blog.

-Everyone involved in the best "nana duet" will win nana original goods you cannot buy anywhere else in the world.😆 

Note: Winners will be announced on the 14th March 16:00 (GTM+9) Winners will be contacted on nana app.

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Application period

2018/2/7 3:00 〜 2018/3/7 3:00


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