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  • DownCast 愁い2018/2/28

    yo check out the new joint.

  • DownCast 愁い2018/2/28

    I just added this in my playlist shyt dope

  • mansamusa2018/2/28

    appreciate it I hoped you'd like it...

  • mansamusa2018/2/28

    >>DownCast 愁い appreciate it bro ms. Yonna is the truth and I just love riding her waves...🔥🔥

  • Poochieblaze2018/2/28

    this is hot great collab🌶

  • mansamusa2018/2/28

    >>Poochieblaze thank you, I appreciate that luv...

  • DownCast 愁い2018/3/02

    >>mansamusa hold up hold up tho.. I had to bump this shyt again you went in,🌏💨

  • mansamusa2018/3/02

    >>DownCast 愁い appreciate it big dawg!!

  • levent2018/3/13


  • levent2018/4/24

    selam kardesim

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