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Joey T A


LOL! I love the song, just couldn't keep a straight face (no matter how many times I tried) with the high note😂


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  • Wanny👑2017/10/30

    Better than mine💕

  • KOU🎩2017/10/30

    The more I listened to your songs, the more I felt that you really sing songs well…😂

  • Joey T A2017/10/30

    >>Wanny👑 I shall check it out, and naaa I'm sure yours was a hundred times better ✌😅🌷

  • Joey T A2017/10/30

    >>KOU🎩 Thank you 🤓 I hope I'm getting better, I'm singing at a friend's wedding in a few months😂I'm gonna mess up so bad.

  • M.Queen2017/11/03

    that was amazing especially the wohhhh at the end 😌😌😀

  • Joey T A2017/11/03

    Thanks for checking it out 😁 this recording randomly started getting views which is weird

  • Joey T A2017/11/03

    >>M.Queen Thank yoouuu🤓 lol 😅I repeated that last part a good 15 times and laughed each time

  • KeylithaJ2017/11/03

    U sing so good 😍😍 beautiful amazing

  • kota2017/11/05

    >>Joey T A this one was just chosen as one of staff picks! Amazing

  • Anna_Gray2017/11/05

    Amazingly!! XD

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