The Ultimate Guide to nana Hashtags

May 26, 2017

Hashtags are literally everywhere in this world and most everyone knows what hashtag is these days.
But are you using it on nana as well?

Two Main Reasons Why You Should Use Hashtags on nana

1.  Hashtags make it easier to find tracks you are looking for.
Searching a hashtag pulls results for each post using the hashtag and that helps you find the most relevant tracks.

2.  Hashtags help you grow your followers, applauses, and comments.

You can reach your target audience by using hashtags more easily and likewise, others can find you more easily.
Additionally, we carry out a Hashtag campaign now and then. (e.g. #nanaFreestyleFriday) You can enter by using the hashtag and it is a great opportunity for you to get featured and stand out on nana! 


How to Add Hashtags on nana

When you post your track, type "#" followed by text or emoji in the caption.


Find tracks with Hashtags on nana

Go to "Search" and type in # followed by text or emoji you want to look up.


Or go to "Discover" and check "Popular Tags".
You can click on each hashtag listed on "Popular Tags" and go to tracks with the hashtag.
Using popular tags is very effective if you want to get more audiences.


Check nana How-to Guide if you want to learn how to enjoy nana app to the fullest.
See our FAQ for answers to our most common questions.

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