Secret Tips for Better Audio Recording with Smartphone: Part1

June 9, 2017

We all are craving for better sound when recording audio with smartphone, but sometimes there will be difficulty according to each environments. In fact, some of these issues can easily be resolved by making a little tweak.

Everyone want their sounds to be recorded nice and clear, so here are some tips to make your recording better than before!

Tips on recording with your smartphone

First things first.

To start off, have a look at the checklist below to see if the environment around you is good for recording.

1. Are there no unwanted noise around you?

Microphone on your smartphone picks up unwanted noise including environmental sounds. The best choice is to go into recording studio around you. If not, it might be difficult to cut out all of it, but look for the best place where you can get the sound you want.

2. Can you make sounds as much as you want?

You can record with your sound toned down, but it may not sound as what you wanted when you listen to processed track. It’s same as above so keep looking for the best atmosphere to put in emotion to your sound. It’s better to make sounds in your comfortable way in any case.

3. Enough passion?

If you’re ready with making sounds, let’s move on!

Holding direction matters...

Now it’s about recording. When recording with nana, many of you might be holding the smartphone like as shown below, especially when singing.


If you substitute this smartphone with real microphone, it’s going to be like this…


Now you see it. Usually the microphone of smartphones are located at the bottom facing downwards. If you hold your smartphone this way, it’s like holding the real microphone upside-down, which is quite unusual when you will be singing with and the sounds get muffled.

So, the best practice of holding your smartphone when recording with nana will be like this.


It will be better if you hold it horizontal or slightly upwards so the sound directly goes into the microphone. This is the matter of your posture while singing, so find the best position for you to record. (*Check your device in case the position of the microphone is different)

Same applies when playing guitar and other instruments. Make sure smartphone microphone is facing  to the sound source.

In case you’re using earphones...

If you have the earphones that can be attached to your smartphones, better use it as monitoring device to make sure your sound is recorded clearly. It helps when you’re collaborating with other users to see if the rhythm and timing is correct too.

However, be careful when you’re using earphones with microphone embedded. The microphone inside the earphones will be activated, and records the voice from there.

The microphone in the earphones are not as good as those incorporated in the smartphones, and since it is closer to your mouth when singing, and far off when playing other instruments, this will cause sound breaking, unwanted sound coming in, or too small recorded volume than intended. Better use the earphones without the microphones to concentrate on monitoring.

More to come...

We’ve introduced the basic tips when recoding directly via smartphone.

Further tips will be revealed soon, so keep tuned!

Check out “nana How-to Guides” (Android / iOS)  if you want to learn the basics to enjoy nana app.

For more infos, see our FAQ for answers to the most common questions.

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