Unique Instruments From Around The World

Oct. 11, 2017

Hi, nana-versal people!
Is your music life rocking your creativity as always?

There are lots of interesting instruments around the world, and the sounds they make are totally unique!
We as a music platform that provides millions of sounds from the world got quite a few collections of interesting instruments. So we’ve listed them up in categories!

Listen up now, and feel the cultural sounds from different countries!



Erhu is a two-stringed instrument from China. Its calm sound not only comes into traditional Asian music, but into modern tunes of pops and jazz.


Originating in Okinawa, Japan, Sanshin is a traditional string instrument with “three strings” as its name indicates. Its roots is told be brought in from China to former Ryukyu-Kingdom (present Okinawa), and the sound it makes is similar to that of erhu.


The American classical instrument from the 19th century, banjo resonates its sound from several strings creating that blue-grass tunes. If you’re into folks, come bring yourself.


Plucked string instrument from Hindi region. It is widely used in Hindi music scenes as well as famous Western bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.



The long wind instrument used by Aboriginal Australians also known as “wooden trumpet” or “drone pipe.” It’s origin age is unknown, but the depth of its low pitch makes us imagine how old it can be...


Another item from Japan’s traditional music, Shakuhachi also was introduced from China. Being made from bamboo, it was used by Zen monks to practice blowing meditation.


Zampoña, also known as the siku, is a traditional pipe instrument from the height of Andes. There are a variation of styles of play with according sizes.



A popular drumming instrument for the backpacking travellers. Its unique name is from the saying of Bambara people in Mali, “Anke djé, anke bé” meaning  “everyone gather together in peace. ” “djé” is the word for “gather” and “bé” is fro peace...what a nice name!


It is a percussion instrument...but it makes melody too. Marimba uses mallet to create musical tones from wood to iron. It’s name is from Zimbabwe maning “hitting planks.”


Only one character different, and totally different. Kalimba, or Mbira is from African continent often called as a thumb piano in the Western world. As its name shows, you hold the instrument in your hand and pluck the metal plates to make sounds.

The World Collaboration:

And here are some collaboration produced by several unique instruments...you’re gonna enjoy it for sure!

Berimbau / Pandeiro / Atabaque

Wa-daiko / Sasa-bue

Samponya & Sanshin

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