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Sept. 5, 2017

Hi nana-versal people! It's time for new nana's Select!

As all of you may know, 90 seconds time limit is nana’s explicit characteristic. Some may think this is short, but some may not. It’s all about how much you can compress the tunes to be within this limited amount of time.

To prove that, today we will be introducing some actual pieces which was produced within 90 seconds (or almost). And guess what, all of them are in full length. 

Some have tracks and collabs without vocal tracks appended, so if you like the tune, start collaborating!

Golden Slumbers / The Beatles

The world’s most celebrated band, The Beatles comes up first with “Golden Slumbers” from the album Abbey Road. It conjuncts with the following track “Carry That Weight” progressively, making it 91 seconds lasting which is “almost” 90 seconds.

It’s remarkable cover was presented by Jennifer Hudson in the movie SING, bringing the song back once again to the modern music scene.


Acoustic Guitar Backing:

Her Majesty / The Beatles

Another track from The Beatles’ Abbey Road, which this time is only 23 seconds. Initially the track was not listed on album sleeve, making it the first hidden track for rock CD.

Although 23 seconds in length, its straight lyrics and country-like sound create jolly music.


Mercedez Benz / Janis Joplin

Poetic a capella song created by Janis Joplin in October 1st 1970, which is just 2 days before her death, making this song her final recorded voice.

On the original recorded track, it starts from Janis speaking out to the listener, but excluding that it fits just under 90 seconds for the whole verse.

This song originally is a capella, but there was an arranged track by nana user playing with acoustic guitar, so listen up!

Acoustic ver.

You Suffer / Napalm Death

Short. Strong. Shocking. That’s all I can say for this song.

Officially certified in the Guinness Book as the shortest recorded song ever, everything is compressed into 1.316 seconds for this tune. Try to sing it or play it in a flash moment....

90 seconds is not as short as you think.

As listed above, there are lots of pieces that are under 90 seconds with varying expressions.

Why not try creating your original piece in 90 seconds, condensing your emotion into this moment?

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