nana's Next Star - Interview with Nathan'seoul♩

Aug. 8, 2017

We interviewed Nathan'seoul♩!

What's up nanamily!
So nana's Next Star of this month is... Nathan'seoul♩. Some of you may recognise him on the app.
We reached out to him to get to know him better and the interview was so much fun.
Let's take a look at what we talked about!


So who is he?

Nathan'seoul♩ also known as Nathan on the app is a popular user on nana. He is well known for his beautiful voice as well as his amazing harmonising skills.

He lives and works in Texas, the USA and joined nana in February this year when his friend recommended it.
He's always loved singing since he was little. He says, "Singing is therapeutic for me. Whenever I go through troubles with my life singing brings me up.

Surprisingly, he never recording singing before nana app! He uses his headset for recording on nana and always tries to connect with others, listen to them, and collaborate with them to network. 

Just listen to his AMAZING voice! It's so touching.

Not gonna lie, this mashup he made will melt your heart.

Not only does he share and post his own creations on nana, he created a community for everyone to enjoy the app more.

He says, " I just wanted to make it easier for people to connect with each other regardless of where they come from." 

On this community, people promote their tracks, give each other advice and suggestions, and look for collabs like this below.

Nathan community screenshot

Nathan also encourages others to discover more songs on nana as well as to be discovered by sharing various tracks and suggesting collabs in this community

And what's so interesting about this community is that it is so diverse and interactive.
You can see many different nationalities, age groups and music genres. 

"It's really cool that I come across so many different styles of international songs I've never heard of. I also enjoy talking to different types of people across the world on nana because it gives you a variety of viewpoints and you discover new things" says Nathan. 

Join the community and be connected!  Click on the image below.Nathan community icon 2

Tips to become successful on nana!?

Don't you want to know what he does to get so many likes and followers on nana? Well, at least I do.

And Nathan kindly told us these things he does on nana;

1. Try to find the famous/most liked instrumental players and singers first. 

2. Reach out to them and leave Like & Comment as well as Follow.

3. Take a look at what others are doing and study the song.

4. Find people you want to collaborate with and also encourage others to collaborate with you. 

5. Share tracks in the community

"The most important thing is Don't only focus on yourself." Nathan added. 

This will definitely help you be recognised by more and more people.
If you follow these steps and network, maybe you will be the next nana's Next Star. Who knows!

Thank you, Nathan'seoul♩

To make a long story short, nana app was born out of a desire our CEO Akinori Fumihara felt. He wanted to have a platform where people across the world can easily connect through music. We are beyond blessed to know that Nathan sees value in the concept of our app. Thank you Nathan! We will always strive to deliver the best platform for everyone in the world to connect through music. 

Can't wait to see what he comes up with next. Also, don't forget to go follow him and join his community! 

Nathan'seoul ♩
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