nana's Next Star - Interview with Kina

July 11, 2017

Hello nanamily! How's your summer going?

     So we decided to write a blog about some of our outstanding users irregularly because there are so many hidden gems on nana app and we want to encourage you to be discovered and discover new talent. And of course, we want to get to know nanamily better.
    Our first "nana's NEXT STAR" is Kinami Nakaza also known as Kina on nana app.

Who is she?


     Kinami Nakaza (aka Kina on nana app) is a 19 years old international singer from Okinawa, Japan.

     Kina went to International School in Okinawa and currently studies at one of the best music conservatories in the United States, Berklee College of Music, where she got her full scholarship. 

     She started singing when she was little and she has always loved singing and performing. The artists who influenced her are Amy Winehouse, Adele and Erykah Badu. Her life turning point as a singer was when she competed in X Factor Japan at the age of 15. Her experience through this competition changed her vision and made her more serious about her music career she says.

     Kina is based in Boston right now but she comes back to Japan to perform during her holidays. On the 21st of July, she is finally having her first solo concert with a live band at Livehouse MODS in Chatan, Okinawa. You can find more details on her Facebook page.


"I want to encourage people to value individuality. Try not to be others. Embrace your voice and just be you."


      Says Kina. When I first found her track on nana, I had to listen to her twice as the audio started because it was so good I thought she was unreal. But this is all genuine vocals coming from this gem. One of her nana tracks, her cover of "Put Your Records On" was chosen for Staff Pickup of the week and she attracted many fans on nana. The smoothness, soulfulness, and deepness in her voice are incredible.

     kina put your records on

Why nana?


       Her friend suggested nana app after X Factor Japan and she started using it about 2 years ago.
I asked, Out of all the singing apps out there, why nana app? and the answers she gave me were so remarkable that I need to share with you all.

      "You can post your music on Facebook or Instagram to get heard. But this app is very focused on music and that’s what I like about nana. You interact with people who love music like you and you can see your own growth and even other people’s growth. And being able to see reactions, what people like, what they like and what they think about your music. You can actually dig deep with this app."

     "I like nana because I can add arrangements and build on sounds to create something new. You can find many original tracks on nana that you can add some spice to and make it your style and that's fun." says Kina.

       Then I wondered maybe it could be a little challenging for people like myself to arrange a song and go freestyle. And here's what she said.

      "Sometimes I play couple chords to practice freestyle and I do learn from some classes I am taking. But it’s that you just need to be you and feel the music feel the instruments." 


      Indeed. There is no right or wrong in music and we are here to create a platform, nana app, where everyone can join and express themselves with music regardless of languages, locations or music genre. I was sincerely touched by the fact that she truly understands that and encourages others to be themselves through music.  

     Although there are fun sound filters on nana app, you cannot edit so much of your recordings. In other words, nana app shows raw beauty. Go take a listen to her nana tracks. It feels like she is right in front of you singing for you and it's amazing.

     Go follow her on nana 👉

Her debut single


      Big news! This summer she announced the launch of her debut single called Every Litle Thing. 

It will be released on the 17th July.  Click here to hear the sneak peak of the song!

kinami single

And it's available on these platforms below;

kinami download

  Also, you can pre-order on iTunes here 👉


Thank you, Kina!

kina screenshot


     Kina actually sang In Love With Another Man by Jazmine Sullivan just for me during the interview. (My heart seriously melted.) She also got the cutest smile ever!  I had such a fun time talking with this little gem.  She is truly amazing both as an artist and a person. Cannot wait to see her grow even bigger and bigger!

      This interview made me rethink about why we all use nana app. nana app is here for you to express and enjoy yourself.  Sometimes it's not so easy to embrace who you are and stay true to yourself in this world and it sucks.  But remember that you have a platform where you can do that through music/sounds right here on nana app. 


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