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Aug. 1, 2017

Hi nana-versal people!

Recently we are getting lots of unique tunes from around the world. Some of them are high quality, some of them are’s very interesting to see how different each of these tracks are. And it’s very pity that we have too few places to share these beautiful pieces.

Regarding that, we are going to start a new series of blog articles called “nana’s Select”!! This series will be introducing unique tracks from all over the world based on specific topics each time.

So today’s nana’s Select will be featuring some of the known tunes that were creatively arranged in each user’s own way.

Are You ready? Listen up people!!

Bad romance / Lady Gaga

→Acoustic arrange

Famous track from Lady Gaga brought into acoustic combination of Cajon and guitar + sweet voice. Listen up people! It’s no bad romance, but just a good one.

Country Road / John Denver

→Jazz arrange


Can you feel the swing? Long known “Country Road” arranged into jazzy sound with amazing vocal. Feel the groove, get collaborated.

Closer / The Chainsmokers

→ Piano arrange

The Chainsmokers’ “Closer” with piano sound added as a taste. It’s melody makes it sound a bit emotional...and somewhat sorrowful. Must have a listen!

My Heart Will Go On / Celine Dion

→Guitar arrange

Another piece arranged from Titanic’s theme. It’s played with a guitar only, but creates irresistebly emotional atmosphere.

Molecular Shape of You / A Capella Science (Ed Sheeran)

→A capella + Lyrics arrange 

The tune from Ed Sheeran is parody-covered by famous YouTuber “A Capella Science”. Amazingly he created this track all by his voice only! He actually arranged the lyric itself but he purposely left it blank so everyone can play with it. If you want to hear his original version, go search for his YouTube channel!

Titanium / David Guetta

→Recorder arrange


Who would have expected to have this?! Vocal melody was sung by english flute. Very interesting… and it matches the song itself too.

You Rock My World / Michael Jackson

→Acoustic Band arrange

Last one is the collaboration by two nana-versial citizens, making Michael Jackson’s “You Rock My World” into groovy acoustic sound! Well done both!!

Tune up your creativity!

How was it?? Every sound was unique with creativity and maybe from cultural backgrounds. By combining these difference, what new sound will you be able to make next?

nana’s Select will be picked randomly, so your’s might be picked any moment! Keep up the good work everyone :)

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