2 Japanese nana Users Created Their Own Concert Together!?

June 21, 2017

     Using nana app, you must have noticed that there are a lot of Japanese users on nana. Our Japanese nana users post so many different types of tracks from Japanese Pop to County to Brazilian Jazz on our platform every day. The community is really big and has numerous hidden talents. The hottest category among the Japanese users right now is Jazz/Bossa nova and we decided to put a spotlight on the Bossa nova scene on nana today. 

     Bossa nova is a popular style of Brazilian music which is very relaxing and jazzy. You probably heard it at your coffee shop before. Believe it or not, plenty of Bossa nova tracks get uploaded by our Japanese users daily. 

    We came across this interesting nana-story about these two Japanese Bossa nova artists collaborating in real life and wanted to share it with you guys!!

“I love Bossa nova music because there is no limitation.”  - Yoshihiro Hosoda

nana jazz yoshihiro

     Yoshihiro’s guitar Bossa nova tracks on nana are simply amazing. His techniques are so on point that it caught our attention right away. So let me introduce Yoshihiro, aka "coracao vagabond" to you!

     Yoshihiro is a Tokyo-based Bossa nova artist. He normally performs with other Bossa nova artists on a live stage but also does his solo live show once every 3 months. He sometimes travels the country to meet different audiences as well. On top of this, he has released his own album in the past. Makes sense why he is so good!! haha 

    “ I started playing guitar when I was 13 years old. So it’s been 22 years now. When I was 20, I met this guitar master and he is the one who showed me this Bossa nova world.” says Yoshihiro. He has been playing Bossa nova since then for 15 years.
     “I love Bossa nova music because there is no limitation. You can play with rhythm and harmony with no limit and you always learn something new from playing and listening to Bossa nova.”  he says.

     One of his friends from high school recommended nana app to him about a year ago. The first thing he did on the app was, of course, to look for Bossa nova songs. Surprisingly, he didn’t only find the popular tunes but also the minor ones. He really liked that there are so many different underground Jazz artists on nana and that’s why he started digging away and connecting with other users.

     I know I mentioned this so many times but his guitar tracks are seriously so good. You would think that he uses some expensive microphone to record his music because of the high quality. But apparently, he uses nothing but iPhone’s internal microphone. So when you listen to it, it feels like he is playing Bossa nova just for you over the phone. 

“I feel like I am listening to the sound of relaxing ocean waves when playing guitar.” - Suzu Tamaki



  The other artist we wanted to introduce to you is Suzu Tamaki. Suzu is a semi-professional guitarist based in Hiroshima, Japan. She got into the world of Bossa nova through Jazz music when she was 26, which became a turning point for her music career because she used to be in a band singing mainly Rock and Funk music before Bossa music came into her life.

     When she left the band, she was looking for musicians to connect and collaborate with. She grabbed her phone and started searching for an app that lets her do it. And yes, it was nana app that she found.

     She came across Yoshihiro's page while randomly searching for Bossa nova songs. She was totally blown away by his bossa nova techniques and reached out to him right away and that's how they got connected.

     He gave her a lot of tips on how to catch the rhythm fingerpicking by using nana app and that helped her boost her confidence and interests in Bossa nova music.  

     She says, “I feel like I am listening to the sound of relaxing ocean waves when playing guitar and that’s why Bossa nova is so interesting.".

Yoshihiro and Suzu put on a great live show together.

jazz per

      Yoshihiro and Suzu told us that they both always wanted to do a concert together since they met on nana and feel so grateful that they were able to make it possible. It all started from one comment; "Let's collaborate offline!". It was such an amazing, successful and beautiful night and so many people came and enjoyed their beautiful collaboration.

      Our motto is to connect people through music and we are so happy to know that nana app brought these two amazing artists together. We cannot wait to hear more stories like this and connect more people through nana music. 😏

Check out Yoshihiro's track:  http://nana-music.com/sounds/02a41926/

Check out Suzu's track: http://nana-music.com/sounds/02aeed85/

Yuks https://www.instagram.com/nanamusic_official/ Joined nana in April 2017. Loves singing as much as she loves pizza.🍕

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