Introducing Mermans from Playing For Change Band - Listen to his sound on nana!

April 27, 2018

This week, one of the Playing For Change Band musicians, Mermans Mosengo, sang along with the “Listen To The Music” instrumental track and posted his amazing track on nana!   He sang the version without the chorus so why not collaborate with him🎤?!


About Mermans…

Mermans is a percussionistguitarist, and singer in Afro Fiesta, a band formed in South Africa with another Playing For Change Band musician, Jason Tamba.  They both are from the Democratic Republic of the Congo and left their home country more than 15 years ago in search of a better life.


Mark JohnsonCo-Founder of Playing For Change and his team first met Mermans at a restaurant in Cape Town where Mermans was performing with his band.  Their performance completely caught Mark and his team’s attention, so during the band’s set break they spoke with Mermans about PFC and were immediately in unison with him!

Anyways, that’s how they met and from that time till now, Mermans has performed in numerous PFC videos and live concerts all over the world with the Playing For Change Band.  He even came to Japan last year to perform for the "Billboard Live Tokyo/Osaka 2017" with the Playing For Change Band!


👆Billboard Live Tokyo/Osaka 2017

"Nana!!! such an amazing way of connecting self-recording and connecting artists all over the world simply with the phone in your hand. Respect!"          -Mermans Mosengo

It was his first time to use nana but after posting his track, he gave us the above warm message! 

We have selected some of his performance from his numerous collection below.


PFC Videos: 

Take Me Home, Country Roads / Playing For Change / Song Around The World

Live concerts:

Stuck On You / Playing For Change / Live Outside

54-46 Was My Number | Playing For Change Band | Live in Brazil

Sound on nana:

nana Official Official blog account for music social app, "nana"

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