Introducing LIT Collab challenge Winning Tracks!

April 3, 2018


#LITcollab challenge — where users collaborate with each other and create hot tracks using nana app — started in early February and so many amazing tracks were born from this challenge. And out of more than 2000 applications, we found 2 winning tracks for this challenge.

Are you ready to hear some heats?

1. Texas / FlipStaxx ft Bella B Bank$ ft FREEBa$E

This track was made by FlipStaxxBella B Bank$, and FREEBa$E! They rock the classic rhythm with the killing rap. We all know their game is strong. Go check them out for more fire songs. 

2. For You™ / The Underground™

Shoutout to Yetti HD™ and itzmeangieb! for making this lit & wavy collab! The vibes this track gives are amazing and it will make you go "Aw man, I wanna listen to it again!".

Winners Interview

As a part of the prize for winning this challenge, each winner has won an opportunity to get featured on one of our official blogs. FlipStaxxFREEBa$E and Yetti HD™ took their time to answer our questions.

Where did you come up with this track "Texas"?

Flip StaxxIt started off as a request. Freebase told me I should upload that beat. Mann by Big moe RIP. The artist is from Texas and at the time I was meeting a lot of artist on nana from Texas. So then the idea came up to make a hook for Texans. Once I put that hook out there it took off. Thanks to BellaBbanks & FreeBase.

FreebaseI did texas because I had too!!.. I've spent my whole life representing TEXAS, the South Side and 3rd Coast... It was only with your app that I was able too on a global level...

Where did you draw your influences on this track "For You"?


I heard the song then I said I wanna do the beat so I hit up Angie because I wanted a female on it..We did it in couple days.

How did this contest impact you?

Flip Staxx

I am always interacting with nana's challenges and I love to collaborate with different artist so of course I was lit about the #litcollab challenge. I'm excited about winning. Thank everyone who played, listen, liked, and, collaborated on nana.  I'm happy to be apart of the family. One more thing be for I go shout out to The Underground™


If anything this app has taught me that I know far less about music than I thought I did... and that makes me happy... It means that music has not been used up... and it is and will continue to be full of surprises!!

YettiIt impacts me really because I got to do it with a very talented person who helps me with collabs for a long I always wanted a Nana towel lol yes I enjoy it it is fun doing different sounds...I just wanna give shoutout to the whole underground team and everyone doing their thing.
And thank you, nana for listening..the underground has many more to come...

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest and Massive thanks to FlipStaxxFREEBa$E and Yetti HD™ for the interview. You can check up all the #LitCollab songs on its page. Find out what others made and keep creating lit collabs!

Also, stay tuned for more contests to come... 😏 

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