How to Sing A Capella in a Group

Feb. 6, 2018

In the past, we published 5 beautiful solo acapella tracks to introduce the raw beauty of our talents. This week, we wanted to talk about how to sing a capella with others to build on voices and create one just like Pentatonix.

So we put together a few tips to help you find out how you can sing a cappella in a group on our app. 

1. Listening and Understanding the original song

It could be challenging to jump in others right away, so start from listening carefully to how others sing to get the pitch.

It will be even better if you can break down the song into the lead vocal part, chorus parts, and instrumental parts. This does not only help you find which part you would like to join in but also trains your ears to harmonize with others.

2. Practice Solo

When you understand the song, start singing on your own! We suggest that you should try any part of the song first. Who knows, you might be really good at doing the chorus or bass? Just try it out to see which part works the best for your voice.

The key to this is to just enjoy the varieties and find out what you are the most comfortable with.

3. Determine your part

After trying out different parts of the song, you should be able to know which part you want to do.
Pick the one that you are most comfortable with as we said earlier. It's very important to go with the one that brings out the best from your voice.

4. Find others to collaborate with

Now you are ready to put the work together with others!…but hold on, where can you find the partners?

The answer is nana app!  We have a lot of creative people who love singing acapella and harmonizing with people.
And the fact that the recording time of nana app is 90 seconds makes it easier to create tracks.

You can build on others' solo acapella tracks or just start on your own and ask others to join on.

For example...

Or just do all the parts by yourself because why not!

Let's start creating your band of voices on nana app and have fun together!
We can't wait to hear what you come up with.

Haven't got nana app yet? Download it for free below and start singing together!!

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