How to Get Started On nana!

Aug. 21, 2012

Welcome to nana, where you can be connected with people all over the world with music. 

Here's 3 easy steps to get started!

1)Create your account

Type your username and your account, and you're ready to go!

Don't forget to set your log-in info to your account, or you'll miss your account...

(Register your log-in info using your email address, Facebook account, or Twitter ID)

For detailed description, see: log-in info

2)Search a sound you'd like to collab with

Let's search some instrumental sound posted on nana.

Go to "Discover" screen where you can find great sounds to collaborate for karaoke and band session.

For detailed description, see: How to find instrumental sounds

3)Record and post!

Tap the sound and you would see a mic-shaped "Collab" icon on the bottom.

When you tap "collab" icon, the recording will start and you can sing, rap or play your instrument with the sound you've selected.

  <Steps to record>

  Record your sound

  => Adjust volume and add some effect

  => Post to your account with your comment (also you can share on Facebook/Twitter)

For detailed descpirtion, see: How to collaborate


See our FAQ for answers to our most common questions


What is nana?

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nana 音楽SNSアプリ「nana」の運営チームです。

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