Enhance your Sound with nana Effects

Aug. 15, 2017

Hi nana-versal people! Hope you all are enjoying your music life.


Today’s tip is about enhancing your sound with the unique effects that nana provides.

Some add on quite unusual tunes, so just play around with them to create unique sounds!

Basic Effects:

no-effectNo Effect

Simple is the best - Adds no effect to keep the direct sound recorded from the microphone.

It will be the best option for acoustic sound like guitar backings.

echo-75Echo (in Arena) 

The first type of echo with deep reverb effect. Makes you sound as though recording in a middle of big arena hall as it says. 

One of the basic effect available, so it's applicable on any kind of instruments!

echo-studio-75Echo (in Studio)

The second type of echo is one of the most frequently used effect in nana. 

Matches with any kind of sound adding on soft reverb, working as an agent to fade the original sound together with collab sound.


It’s has the effect almost the same as “No Effect” - then what’s the difference? It makes your tone clear and bright, making easier to hear. 

Best matches with acoustic vocals and dialogues to make the sound come front.



When you feel you want to add on a bit more richness to your track, Chorus does the work. 

It duplicates your sound with a little delay from the original sound, adding on richness to your track.

Unique Effects:

nana not only has standard effects, but unique effects for you to play with the sounds.

chipmunk-75Chip Munk

Makes your voice high like a squirrel! (like that long-loved character you may know...) It’s the effect mainly for vocals, but listen how it sounds when you use it on instruments…? 

Be careful with the increase in the volume after adding this effect.


In contrast with Chip Munk effect, this turns your sound very low and deep. 

Add a taste of evil and the power of dark-side with this effect!


Guitar players may know this effect very well. It is one type of modulation effect constantly creating wave within the sound. 

It may be difficult to use at first, but definitely should create one of the unique tune of your own.

radiovoice-75Radio Voice

Time for getting back in oldies. Radio Voice effect is adding nice fuzzy tones onto your sound, turning it into aged vintage track. It can be used on your voice and acoustic instruments. 

Sounds may get smaller so beware of the volume.


Makes the sound as though heard through telephone.Having similar characteristics with Radio Voice, it comes with more clear sound without noise coming in. 

It will not be the main effect to be used, but adding a pinch of taste onto your sound.

Limited Effects:

There are some effects that are limited to specific devices.

doubler-75Doubler (for Android)

Similar with Chorus effect, but has a little stronger duplication of sounds with wavy effect, as though you really are chorusing with yourself. 

It can be obtained for free on Android device, and unlocked by adding Premium account for iOS.

nana-tune-75nana-Tune(for iOS Premium)

Popular Auto-Tune-like sound is now available in nana! 

Tap on the icon→select the key to make the sound more smooth and fit. (*Only available for iOS for now)

Make your sounds unique...and fun!

One of nana's principle is to enjoy music and sounds with everyone. These effects are small spices that can be added to make your tunes better, enjoyable and even funny.

Hope you all enjoy!!

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