Collab with Julia Van Bergen and Dylan Fraser!

Dec. 12, 2017

While a lot of you are probably busy getting ready for the upcoming holidays,  I have some exciting news for you guys!

wow this

Julia van Bergen, aka the Winner of Junior Eurovision NL and The Voice of Holland contestant, has joined nana.

Listen to one of her covers here.👇

Julia's Instagram:
Youtube account:

Following Julia, Dylan Fraser, the famous 16 yeas-old Scotish singer with over 240k followers on Instagram, has also debuted on nana. His account name on nana is dylan. Check it out!

Dylan's Instagram:
Youtube account:

Needless to say, they both are phenomenal singers and their beautiful voices are a must listen. 

Not only can you listen to them, but you can collaborate with them on their tracks.  By collaborating, I mean you can sing with them, add some harmony or even layer background sounds to their tracks. 

   Let's collab

For example, Julia collaborated on Dylan's track and did a duet with him.

This is Dylan's original track for you to duet on.

And this user added another dimension to this track by harmonizing with both Julia and Dylan.

How do you collab?

All you have to do is to open the track you want to collaborate on on nana app and tap on "collab" button.
Just like this below!
collab 1 small

It will play the song you want to collaborate on as it starts recording.
There it is, music session in the palm of your hand!

collab 2 small

Haven't got nana app yet? Download it for free below and start singing together!!

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