The Best Practice to Improve Your Singing Voice

Nov. 28, 2017

Recently, we’ve launched a new update to make your singing life more enjoyable than before.

We are really glad that we are able to help make singing more approachable and fun for you. But we also understand that many of you seek ways to improve your singing voice in the meantime.

Therefore, we put together several ideas that will help you improve your singing voice without paying for those expensive vocal lessons.

So, here are some tips for you to follow when you want to sound better than others!

Have a solid image

Everything starts with imagining. Construct the good image of yourself singing well by listening to and watching the artists you like for example. You will learn how they express their emotions, which will help you understand how you connect with the song.

Warm ups and breathing

You don't only use your voice but body to sing, so you need to prepare yourself beforehand just like the athletes do warmups before their performance. Start with exercising your jaws, lips and tongue as well as stretching your body. 

Try these steps; 

1. Open your mouth widely
2. Stick your tongue up to the back of your teeth with your mouth open
3. Hold it for 10 seconds and close your mouth.
4. Repeat 3 times.

It's also important to get rid of any tense in your entire body before singing. 
For example;

- Neck stretch
Turn your head to as far left as you can and then right. Repeat facing down and up.

-Shoulder stretch
Rotate your shoulders forwards and backwards. Put your shoulders up and down.

-Full body stretch
Put your hands up and lean your body to the side slowly and hold for 5 seconds. Repeat the other side.

Just so you will have no muscle tension. You can also try any stretching you are used to.
Make sure to relax your body!


Once your body is warmed up, do this simple major scales.

Like Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.. and keep going up the notes!

Do re mi resized

Another important thing is the technique of breathing. Good breathing gives your voice prolonged time of performance as well as expression. Having controlled inhale/exhale, your voice will maintain a certain level of stability, which in turn makes the audience say “Wow, this guy can control his voice.”

Try these steps;
1. Put your hands on the rib cage.
2. Inhale for 5 seconds
3. Exhale for 10 seconds
4. Repeat 3 times.

Record your voice

Take a moment to be prepared to record your singing and listen to how you actually sound like. This is because what you hear is quite different from what others do before performing.

You may feel nervous about recordings at first, but trust us you will get used to it. Having your singing voice recorded will help you analyze and understand your voice. Eventually, you will be able to adjust your voice.

Get feedbacks!

Another step further from recording for yourself is to get feedback from other people. As said before, what you hear is different from what others hear. So listening to what others say about your voice is very important. And nana is the right platform to get those feedbacks you need! 

You only have to upload up to 90 seconds and it's very quick and easy. And of course, by posting your recordings to the public,  you can gain quick feedbacks from people around the world.

Be positive and listen to what people say and take that to improve your singing voice.

Practice with a team

Sometimes, it's just better to practice with your friends or anyone you know because you get more motivated. Do you want to find someone to improve your singing voice with? Join our community! You can find people just like you who want to sound better. Find someone to share your techniques, encourage each other, and get connected to gain more knowledge about singing. 

Get your head up!

It sometimes takes time and costs to get to where you want to go and it's hard. Sometimes you get criticized and you want to give up. But you know what, that's totally okay. Don’t be intimidated. You have comrades trying to be there and making efforts every day just like yourself.  There are thousands of ways for you to improve your singing voice. Remember, most important thing is to try out anything you can and find what works the best for you. 

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