9 karaoke songs about Breakups to sing your heart out to

Nov. 22, 2017

We go through ups and downs in life. And one of the downs could be a breakup. Getting over a breakup is tough most of the times. It feels like you are empty and your heart is falling apart. I have been there. It's hard. I mean very hard.

heartbroken dude

But let me tell you, singing will help you ease your pain. From my experience, it works better with the songs that you can totally relate to. I believe it is because you really connect with the songs that just describe your feelings and let all your emotions out when singing. Some people may think that sad songs will make you even sadder. But trust me on this, singing your heart out to the songs that explain how you feel will relieve the stress. So I put together a list of karaoke tracks you got to sing when you are sad over your ex-lover. 

1. Ah, this piano is making it even better. So sad, so good.

3.  Hit those high notes!

2. "How can I move on when I'm still in love with you?" Yep, just sing and let it all out.

4. You can ask your best friend to do this duet with you or just do it by yourself to be extra emotional.

5. I mean we can't make this list without some Adele songs, right?

6. More Adele song for you and your soul.

7. This acoustically beautiful cover of Hello is perfect to sing your heart out to.  

8. You can add some ad-libs and make it yourself as well. Feel the guitar!

9. Don't cry and start singing!

How do I sing these karaoke tracks?

1. Hit the profile icon on the track you want to sing. Then it will directly take you to nana app.

2. Once you open the track on nana app, you will see a green "Collab" button on the bottom left corner. 

3. Tap on the green Collab button and start recording!
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