5 Amazing a capella covers

Nov. 7, 2017

As it's getting colder, some may start thinking about winter holiday somewhere warm or maybe sitting back in your warm and cosy bed all day in the cold.

If the latter is your choice, would you like to indulge yourself with some beautiful voice? 
Listen up to these amazing acapella solos from nana’s Select and relax.

List of Sweet A Capella Covers

Just Listen to her sweet voice...

And to hers as well. How relaxing...

This one with the strong and emotional voice!!

Can't help but share another one from her!

Another relaxing and impressive voice.

Liked it? We’ve only picked only a few this time, but there are still tons of hidden stars waiting to be heard… 

If you’re an instrument player, why not start jamming with them? Add some sounds to it by hitting the "Collab" button.

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