4 Solutions to Share Your nana Sound Worldwide

June 14, 2017

Hello nana-versal people!

Once you have finished recording or collaborated with other nana users, don’t end there. 

Share your sounds to make more people get involved and talk more about the sounds in common!

Here are ways you can share your sounds with more people.

Share it within nana!

Use Hashtags


Add hashtags to your track when posting, so everyone with same interest can search your track!

For guidelines of adding hashtags, see here.

Join the community and post your track

Search for the community with common interest in music or anything else, and post your track there.

The instructions to post your track will be as follows;

1. Enter the community room and tap “+” button at bottom-left.

2. Tap “My Sounds” and select the track you want to post.

3. Done!

share-community1 share-community2-1 share-community3-1.jpg

Leave a comment beneath so everyone can talk with you!

You also can post it directly from your track’s “Sound Details” page.

Tap on vertical [...] at top-right→ “Post to community” and the list of communities you have joined should appear. 

Select the community you want to share it on, and post!

share-community4 share-community5 

If you cannot find the community you’re looking for, you can create the community yourself and make it a place for everyone to communicate.

To create your community see the how-to guideline.

Spread it out wide!

Link it with your SNS accounts

nana allows you to link your social account to the app.

To link your account, follow the steps below:

1. Go to “Settings” section and see “Login Information”.

2. Tap on "Link nana with your Facebook/Twitter account".

3. Authenticate the account and it’s done!


Once you setup the account connection, tap on social button after you have recorded your track to share it on desired SNS! (You can tap on “Share” button on your track page after recording, and select Twitter/Facebook to share too)


Also by connecting your SNS account, you can prevent the login trouble as well.

Share it through URL

You can generate your sound’s URL to paste it on your other SNS or blogs too!

Here are the steps:

1. Go to the track you want to share, and tap vertical [...] at top-right.

2. Tap on “Copy Sound URL” and your track’s URL will be copied on your smartphone.

3. Paste it on other SNS timelines and blogs!

share-community4 url-copy

You have the same function for your personal account page too, so try that as well.

Share it around the universe!

nana is a SNS app to share your sound to people around the world. Post more tracks, make it known to everyone.

Enjoy connecting with the world!

Check out “nana How-to Guides” (Android / iOS)  if you want to learn the basics of enjoying nana app.

For more infos, see our FAQ for answers to the most common questions.

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