The new nana(iOS) has released!

The new nana for iOS was released on June 14, 2023.

Click here to download the new nana for iOS.

Based on the previous version of nana, the creation functions such as recording editing and video saving have been greatly renewed. We would like to inform you about the new nana and the future of nana.

Features of the new nana

Intuitive and easy-to-use recording and editing functions

With the previous version of nana, if you made a mistake in recording, you had to start over from the beginning. With the new nana, you can cut out parts of a song or re-sing even if you make a mistake. This allows for intuitive editing while checking the sound on the screen and in the sound. You can also sing over the same recording on the same screen.

Various Effects

More than 25 new effects have been added to the new NANA. In addition, multiple effects can now be used in combination. In addition, since effects can be used separately for each group, richer sound expression is now possible.

Full length support

The previous version of nana was limited to 90 seconds of recording time, but the new nana allows recording up to 10 minutes.

Collaboration with videos and sound sources

You can now create your own original song using the sound sources and videos on your device.

Video saving function

Contributors can save their own works as videos on their devices. You can now create and share your singing videos on SNS.

How to use nana with videos

We will continue to add new contents to this page. We will continue to add more contents, so please follow our account and use it.

How to use new nana
You can re-sing the song.
Multiple effects can be layered on top of each other.
How to use regions and groups.
What is Trim?

New Premium Plan

The new nana Premium Plan is a one-year plan for 29.99 USD (tax included). You can save 35.89 USD (including tax) compared to purchasing a one-month plan for one year (12 installments). Please take advantage of this offer.
1 month plan : 5.49 USD (Pricing may vary in countries other than U.S.A)
1 year plan : 29.99 USD (Pricing may vary in countries other than U.S.A)

How to create an account and log in

The only way to create an account and log in to the new nana is with an email address. While previous versions of nana offered Twitter integration and AppleID integration in addition to e-mail address, the new nana will only offer e-mail address as the method of account creation and login at the time of its release. If you already have a nana account but have not linked it to your email address, please set your email address and password in the My Page of your existing nana account, and then log in to the new nana account. Please click here to see how to set up your new nana account. We are planning to provide an account creation and login method using SNS in the future, but the timing has not yet been determined.

Functions to be provided after the release

Draft saving function
New nana will be able to save drafts of sound recordings in progress, but this feature will not be implemented at the time of release. This feature will be available as soon as possible after the release, so please be patient.

About the future of nana

About nana services provided so far

After the release of the new nana (iOS version), the existing nana (iOS and Android versions) will remain available for a certain period of time. The end of the service period has not yet been determined, but it will be after the release of the new nana Android version. Information regarding the period of use will be announced in the nana app and on SNS as needed.

About community, nana LIVE and nana party

Community and distribution functions (nana LIVE, nana party) are not implemented in the new nana. For details, please refer to the “Communication related functions” section of this blog.

New nana for Android

We are currently developing an Android version of new nana. We are planning to release it in the fall of this year, so please wait for a while for Android users.

New nana information will be posted on SNS

The new nana has more functions than the previous nana, and its usage has also changed significantly. We will be posting videos on how to use the new nana and the latest information on nana and Twitter, so please follow our accounts and enjoy the new nana.

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Click here to download the iOS version of the new nana.