【Android】Latest and the last update for this year!!

Dec. 23, 2016

Hi everyone, and thank you so much for using nana!

Today, we would like to introduce our latest, AND the last update for the year 2016.

As you might already now, we have released a big update for nana Android version and

we would like to explain each changes (^o^)/

①Redesigned Player Screen!

Sound Details BF

Player screen is now redesigned to more simple & stylish design♪  Before this update, the icons for collaboration history was overlapping each other but now it's lined up in a row to make it more easier to see!  And the "collab" button which was a bit difficult to notice is now colored in GREEN!

②Redesigned Sound Post Screen!

Sound post screen is redesigned and now, "Genre Selection" has been added so you can select your genre to your track!

When you tap "Genre" button.......

Sound Details N

"Genre Selection" screen appears to select to your track!

Select one from below↓↓

Genre Selection N

In the future, you might be able to search by genre....?!  Stay tuned for updates!

③New "Part Icon" is added!

There's more with our new "Post" screen!  If you play orchestra instruments or want to add chorus to harmonize, there's a new icon for that!  You can now select more recorded sound type from the following part icon when you post your recording.


Part Icon N

You can edit the genre and part icon for your past posts, so use it to let other users know your sound type at a glance!

④Added microphone mute function while recording

It was very frustrating getting noise in your recording when collaborating from the middle of sound or waiting for an interlude.

Here's a solution! By tapping the mute button at the bottom of the recording screen, you can toggle microphone volume.

Now by using the mute function, you can record clear and better sound!


[Tips & Clues] How to search the sound by genre

Lastly, here's a little tips & clues to use nana, and this feature hasn't been added officially yet, but you could easily search the sounds by genre with this secret way......

Probably, you won't be able to use this tips if you haven't read this article, so lucky you!!  And to those of you who already found out about this....you guys are sooooo smart ;)

Here's how: 

1. Open "All Caption" in your sound details with the genre selected.

2. A button will appear in the bottom right caption screen, and that's it!

3. You'll see the sounds appeared by genre!!


Hope you enjoy our latest and last update for this year, and we strive to make each release better than the last so stay tuned for more next year!  We hope you all enjoy nana :)

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