10 Best Songs to Sing in December!

Dec. 7, 2017

It's officially December, a month of lights, snows, and feasts! This month we dig into tracks that make you want to sing in the cold weather. Why? It's simply because we love singing and winter songs are so beautiful.  So we put together 10 songs on nana that you must check out. 

***If you want to sing to any of the tracks below, please tap on each profile icon. It will directly take you to the sound link you want to sing to and allow you to Collab on the track. 

1. The A Team/Ed Sheeran

This acoustic cover is so soothing!! 

[With Vocal]
Her voice will melt your heart.💓

2.  Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas/Hugh Martin & Ralph Blane

So relaxing and romantic. 🕯️

[With Vocal]

She absolutely topped off this amazing piano cover. So talented!

3. Mistletoe/ Justin Bieber

"It's the most beautiful time of the year. " ✨

[With Vocal]
When the harmony comes in... 😍😍😍

4.  Back To December/ Taylor Swift

December feels. ⛄️ ❄️ 🌬

[With Vocal]
Very emotional and beautiful. 💫

5. Let it Snow/ Frank Sinatra

Let's jazz it up this December!

[With Vocal]
His low and deep voice will get you into the spirit of Christmas! 

6. Last Christmas/Wham!
Let's be honest. You can't spend December without this song! 

[With Vocal]
Her voice is as beautiful as snowflakes.

7. Winter Things/ Ariana Grande


Winter things everything. ☃️  Such a cute song!

[With Vocal]
What a soulful voice she got. 🎙

8. Silent Night/Kelly Clarkson


This Jazzy version of Silent Night is so gorgeous.

[WIth Voice]

Her voice is like an angel. 😇 

9. That's Christmas to Me/ Pentatonix

The beauty of layers of voices. ❣️ 

10. Chasing Cars/Snow Patrol


Snow Patrol is a must!

[With Vocal]

His tone of the voice fits this song so well!

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Yuks https://www.instagram.com/nanamusic_official/ Joined nana in April 2017. Loves singing as much as she loves pizza.🍕

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