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My Bidel Fools I did DELETE some songs.. silly child .. Almighty Most High my 👎.. But Hey New Be check me out before yhu come to stick around as a follower on the page of Mikee outta mouth but Jehovah the MOST high as the flesh of all flesh writter..
So give an Applause if yhu like any if yhu mind.. But the kidd
27 til the 28th of September18 and I like to "RAP" and do songs at will still might be shy but its cool sight brings flight.. I DID SONGS DAILY ON ANY BEAT I LIKE..
ONCE MURDER A FAMOUS rapper daily for like awhole year it was splendor .. #Newspiteveryday
Also murder the RED shot up to My 7-4, 2-4 and 9-7-4 around the wolrd..
Come grow with Me as I grow with Myself on a ride only know but the great Father I'm Heaven..
Yes I'm spiritual so since I'm free styling convo's run off what He know.. Chopper Chop Have fun below

freestyle rapper let me see what yhu like and don't like... If Yhu follow show love..... p.s. if yhu find me beats ill flow to them either free or about or how yhu like free of charge of course i may get yhu later if allowed??? But like let me know if i should go finding beats or just have fun and play around with the Gift From the High One.. and share help me feel ... Good Feels..

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