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🎼I Love ♥️Gospel Music it is My Foundation.He is where my 🎁 come from..i write sing..and play.a few instruments...with that said when i get inspired..🍭🤔.Started investing in developing my own unique style ..i just hear right beats and the lyrics🔥 just flows.🤓

Some are org.they are songs that i love to sing..over time.I love Old Skool And Open to All Diversities.I have sung with a few known Gospel Artist. since 2 yrs old singing in choirs standing on a telephone book to reach the Mic.🎙.its my PASSION...PLEASE FEEL FREE TO Comment or COLLABE(keepitrespectful,thx)♥️#504#Nana♡Soul☆🍭👀🔥🔥🔥🔥👢👒.♥️♥️🔥👀!

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