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Pammy 2 that's me. excuse me, these last several days I have not been well.. I am hoping to get serious again next week. Thank you for the thoughts. if yOU WOULD LIKE BACKING FROM ME FOR YOUR SONGS, I TAKE REQUEST. IT IS EASIER IF I Lay Out the track first. I do nana at least two to three times a week, so I would just ask u for a little patience. Also, I am a creater, so you would need to allow me to let the music talk to me. I don't follow directions very well, hence the reasin why my stuff is 99 percent original.😍😎🤣😘 However, if there is a topic, I can flow with that. xxoo
I love to sing . Nana has been good to me. I've been using this app almost 3 and a half years.
I've been in a few bands. I am no longer performing in clubs ( my health is not always good so it would be hard to commit) but nana lets me create and meet new people.
PERHAPS AFTER AFTER MY HEALTH ISSUE is fixed. TAKEN CARE OF, SURGERY( BUT OF COURSE IT TAKES FOREVER() $$$$$$ Insurance $$$$ Hospital jumping, through hoops$$$$😵😰🙄🤔🤗😁 jump $ jump$
hip hop LOL
ORIGINAL, dark melodic.
I enjoy all types of music. I even like doing cartoon character kind of stuff. I CAN BE A CHARACTER OR VERY PERSONAL WITH MY LIFE. Now I have been experimenting with rap hip hop and what I sing is not always ME (TODAY) but I do enjoy singing, so at best you're getting a character or my Youth. I definitely lived a hard life, and was a wild one. If I could rap, you'd believe me on that lol.
I am married. An animal lover, spiritual. I love human kind, I worry about the coming years.
Sensitive to others emotions. I wish people would stop letting the Elite trick them into hating one another. I appreciate Nana because it has shown me that people of different culture ethnicity and beliefs can all get along.
God bless you all.

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