Find the "CAT-MEN" at "Japan Fest Atlanta"!! (USA)

Where's the bizarre "CAT-MEN"?!

Find the bizarre "CAT-MEN" at "Japan Fest Atlanta 2016" (in USA) and get a special little gift from them!

There's only limited number of gifts at the event, so don't miss the chance to get it!!

・This event is a collaboration between NEKO EXPO and nana.

・What is "NEKO EXPO"?

NEKO EXPO is a general name of a cat-themed event  which is hosted both inside and outside of Japan by "NEKO EXPO Executive Committee".  The executive committee is jointly managed by KATZinc. and SML・Factory, and they are actively working to expand their cat featured arts and items.  They host "Paris・NEKO・Collection", "Public Exhibition NEKOISM", and so on.

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Where to get the special gift

"Japan Fest Atlanta 2016"


September 17th (SAT) 10:00AM - 6:00PM

September 18th (SUN) 10:00AM - 5:00PM


Infinite Energy Center

6400 Sugarloaf Pkwy.

Duluth, GA  30097  USA

How to get the special gift

Here's how to get the special gift!

1.  Download "nana" from Apple App Store or Google Play by using your smartphone.

2.  Register your name and email on "Profile", and that's it!

3.  Find the "CAT-MEN" at the event and show him your "Profile"!!

Features of the bizarre "CAT-MEN"

There's going to be 2 "CAT-MEN" wondering around at the event:


- About 5'9" (180cm) tall

- Wearing a cat ear on his head

- Black tattoo on one of his hand or arm



- Wearing a cat ear on his head

- Wearing sunglasses

- Black tattoo on somewhere 


Hope to see you all in Atlanta!!!