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First, listen to his track, shall we?

🚨nana's random Q&A with ™🇸 🇦 🇼 🇦 🇳 🎼

- Name an artist who influenced you the most!:

"Krishna My Grandpa. He Always Was In Search Of True Reeds Of Music And Imparted In Me Some Of His Talents. He Is No More But His Teachings Helps Me Figure Out All The Stuffs In Music Without Actually Approaching Any Teacher And Stay Versatile."

- Where is your favourite place to hang out?

 "My Farmhouse In Goa. A Big Green Field From Where You Can Easily Watch Sunsets And Sunrise. Only Sounds Of Birds, Air And Animals Is Audible There. Where You Can Sing Along With Them And They Will Listen To You!"

- Tell us 3 of your favourite tracks on nana right now!

These below👇