As 2017 is coming to an end, let's take a moment to look back and realize the year taught us to appreciate our future.

Do a quick rundown of the highs and lows of all things happened this year in rap form and WIN $150!

Spit bars over the beats down below to recap your 2017. 

Don't forget to add the hashtag #rapup2017 in the caption to be qualified.

What you will get

1st Prize:

Amazon Gift Voucher 150USD x 1

2nd Prizes:

Amazon Gift Voucher 50USD x 3

*The prize winner will be announced at January 15th, 2018.

How to Enter


It is simple and easy.

  • Find the beats you like and collab on them
  • Record your Rap up 2017
  • Add #rapup2017 in the caption and Post! 

Check the beats below.

Fernando - O.M.B.I.A.R.S.

nanzoo - Dancehall Type Beat / by Santiagoo

Y.S.K - Freestyle Instrumental Beat 01

mastpiece - x 9 x freestyle beat for you

Let's get it!

Application period

2017/12/5 19:00 〜 2017/12/31 19:00


Post with this hashtag!

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