Can You Make a Song with Random Words?

How creative can you be?

Time to show off your creativity!

We are starting off this new exciting challenge; "Random Words Challenge"!

In other words, you add your own ad-libs, such as Apple, Pen, Pineapple, to the existing Instrumental tracks and make your special track. If a "Pen - Pineapple -Apple- Pen" man could do it, you can do it. 

Another good example is that viral Thanksgiving song that goes " I got Green beans, Potatoes, Tomatoes..."

Make a song with random words or phrases.

This time's Theme

Our first theme for this challenge is "Food".

Use the words/ phrases related to food to make a song!


Listen to some of the examples below to grab ideas.


Coconut, Banana, Daiquiri / J Ferguson

Banana from Minions

Wild honey pie / The Beatles

Here's how you can do this!

1. Pick a few words or phrases you want to use. 

2. Choose a track to jam with ( Or you can even go acapella)

3. Record your vocals. Throw some random words!

3. Post with hashtag randomwords

Easy enough?

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