Sing together & create harmony.

Let's be honest. We all have at least one duet song that we like, don't we?

So here is a good idea for you!
Why don't we sing a duet on nana using the "Collab" function?

nana is an open environment, without pressure and judgement. Open up not only to your voice but also to others! It will definitely help you discover new talents as well we be discovered. 

We will select the best duets on nana and update this event page irregularly.😏 
If you want to get featured, post your duet tracks with the hashtag #nanaduet

How to Join

It's really simple.

1. Search a duet song you want to sing.

2. Collab and Post with the hashtag #nanaDuet


1. Record your own part and leave the parts where you want others to duet with you. 

2. Post with the hashtag #nanaDuet and wait for others to jump in.

What you will get

- We will hand select the best duet based on how well it exemplified the entry requirements and tips.

- Everyone involved in the best "nana duet" will be featured on our official blog.

-Everyone involved in the best "nana duet" will win nana original goods you cannot buy anywhere else in the world.😆 

Note: Winners will be announced on the 14th March 16:00 (GTM+9) Winners will be contacted on nana app.

Here are some examples

These are the duet tracks you can jump in right now!

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Application period

2018/2/7 12:00 〜 2018/3/7 12:00


Post with this hashtag!

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