It's about to get LIT! Team up to make some fire collabs.

One of the fun features we got on nana is Collab, And we all noticed that there are so many epic collabs on our platform. So we decided to give you all a new challenge to take nana collabs to next level. 😎

What is a LIT Collab?

A lit collab is described as a collab track that is so amazing that it pumps you up and gets you overly excited.🔥

How to Enter

1. Create a Collab track with others.

(You can start your own part and invite others to hop on your track or you can join on others tracks.)

2. Add #litcollab in the caption and Post

Here are some examples; 

Recommended beats


1. Adjust your sound volume to reduce noise

Make sure it's not too loud or quiet. Read this for more advice.

2. Interact with others

Team up to make a lit collab! Use our Community, Drop comments, etc to communicate with your friends to create collab tracks.

3. Just have fun!


- We will hand select the best collab based on how well it exemplified the entry requirements and tips.

- Everyone involved in the best "LIT collab" will be featured on our official blog.

-Everyone involved in the best "LIT collab" will win nana original goods you cannot buy anywhere else in the world.😆 

This is an amazing opportunity to showcase your talent and maximize your exposure!

Note: Winners will be announced on the 14th March 16:00 (GTM+9) Winners will be contacted on nana app.

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Let's get started smaller size 2

Check this out too!

Application period

2018/2/7 12:00 〜 2018/3/7 12:00


Post with this hashtag!

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