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THIS EVENT HAS BEEN CLOSED❗️ Thank you very much for your  submission😁

The winner will be announced by the end of May❗️

UPDATE! PFC musician, Keiko is here on nana🎧

Keiko Komaki from Playing For Change Band recorded piano and posted her track on nana!  Hit collab button and sing along with her sound🎤

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Click here to know more about Keiko ℹ️

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Robin Moxey from Playing For Change Band

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Mermans Mosengo from Playing For Change Band

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Great multiple collaboration, now THIS is nana❗️

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This is like a different version of Listen To The Music❗️Collab with this track to feel the originality🎤

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This is like another version as well👍Collab with this also❗️ 

If you haven't participated yet, scroll down and check out more details, now❗️👇👇👇👇

Collab with 'Playing For Change'

This is our 1st official international contest by Playing For Change and nana.  Collaborate with the worldwide artists from Playing For Change and Win special prizes!

Playing FOr CHANGE band sml

This year, Playing For Change has launched their newest video series "Listen To The Music" on their Official YouTube Channel, and the title track "Listen To The Music" from the series has been released this April.

This song features 30 musicians from 12 countries including members of The Doobie BrothersTom Johnson, Patrick Simmons and John McFee (the originators of the song), Ellis HallJames Gadson, Char and so many more!

Join the worldwide Collab contest, exclusively on nana!

nana is proudly partnered with Playing For Change to connect the world through music.  They edited the tracks exclusively for this contest which you can only find them on nana!

Let's celebrate the release of "Listen to the Music" and become part of the worldwide project. ✨

3 Steps to Enter

▽ STEP 1: Learn the original song

▽ STEP 2: Choose which track you would like to collaborate on and Record

- Check out the official tracks by Playing For Change

- Go to the track you want to collaborate on and Hit the Collab button to add your sounds.

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 For singers...

You can sing solo or sing with the backing chorus. You can also add some harmony or ad-libs to it.

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For musicians

You can play your instrumental tracks and build on sounds.

▽ STEP 3: Post with hashtag #nanaPFC!!


❌Posts without the hashtag above will be disqualified. 

❌Posts without any singing voice or instrumental sound will also be disqualified.

We will carefully hand-select 20 finalists from the entire submissions, and PFC team will choose "The Best Collab Award"  and "Outstanding Collab Award"!

Here's a sample post by our CEO, Akinori Fumihara aka "Aki"♬


🏆"The Best Collaboration Award"🏆

  • 1 year PFC Membership including digital audio album of "Listen To The Music" and access to their entire music library
  • PFC Shop e-Gift Coupon (worth $50)
  • Special shout-out on PFC social media

🏅"Outstanding Collaboration Award"🏅

  • 3 months PFC Membership
  • Special shout-out on PFC social media

Click here for more about PFC Membership

📣The winner would be announced on this page by the end of May

About Playing For Change

Founded in 2002 as a shared vision by Mark Johnson and Whitney Kroenke, Playing For Change's mission is to connect and inspire the world through music. 

Through their innovative videos called "Songs Around The World" which combines musicians from across the globe collaborating on one song, their traveling band featuring 10 musicians from 10 countries, and the Playing For Change Foundation, the Playing For Change movement uses the power of music to breakdown boundaries and overcome distances between people. 

Click here for more about Playing For Change

Application period

2018/4/12 16:00 〜 2018/5/13 23:59


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