Let's collaborate on "fight song"

"Believe in yourself, do not give up, give it your all!" sings Rachel in her hit, "Fight Song." Sing your heart out for yourself or for those you want to support from the heart, and then post it!

We also have a cappella instrumental accompaniment!

About Rachel Platten`s "Fight Song"

Rachel had struggled at the bottom for over ten years until "Fight Song" became a hit. After continuous setbacks, she started to think that she might not be good enough and was close to giving up on her dreams. It was then that she wrote "Fight Song" to bring herself back up.

As soon as this song was released, its positive message was felt around the world. 

The music video has reached 100 million views, and became even more popular when Taylor Swift invited Rachel to come and perform this song at her concerts.

"This song is my true story. There was no shortcut to fulfilling my dreams. Even if nobody believes in you, I just want you to believe in yourself and give it your all."

Rachel`s positive message is her life itself. May it touch your heart as well!


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