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Jeffrey Goh


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Came across this excellent original guitar progression/riffs by Mr. KyoJinTim in the staff picks, I decided to incorporate my lyrical idea into his music. A theme reflecting on the service providers on our roads, the lesser known Ambassadors!

Inviting singers, male and female to cover this song. Also inviting instrumental collaboration.
Thank you. 😊

Song Title: Ambassadors on the road

They live their lives on the road
Moving the city for a living
Awkward times they’re on their ways
Awkward times they end the days

They’re on the lookout for the people everywhere
In need of rides, who’s hands are tied to help them through the night.
Sometimes they’re chided for their non-deliberate mistakes
For waiting on the wrong side of the road....

They are the unsung heroes
Lesser known ambassadors of the city
In rain or shine they start the day
Moving the city on its way.

- Words and melody by Jeff



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