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Adding more new features!

Premium Effects

Following with the current "Doubler/Octaver 1/ Privacy" effect, has been Harmonizer(Upper&Lower)effect added!

Search Ranked by Applause

Find the most popular posts instantly!
You can sort the sound search results by number of applause.

My Recommended sounds

Show off your favorite sounds!
You can pin your favorite sound at the top of your "My Page" feed.

Remove Ads

You can remove ads from the app to load the pages quicker!


About “nana premium"

You can also use the iTunes Card which you can purchase at convenience stores for payment of nana premium service.
We have launched “nana Premium” in order to provide features that would make you more enjoyable and easier to use “nana”.We will continue to enhance various features to improve your experience in “nana” so stay tuned!
bynana Admin Team

"nana premium service" is only available in "nana apps”.
Service for Android is in development!
If you don't have nana app yet, download from here!