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How to start “nana”

How to use “nana”

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How to start nana

How can I download nana?

Nana App is available on AppStore for free. Please download from here. (iTunes Link)

What is the system requirements for nana?

iOS5 or greater running on iPhone4 or greater is supported. iPod touch (4th Gen) with iOS5 or greater is also supported.

How can I start nana?

nana requires Facebook or Twitter account for registration. Registration process starts when you agree on a terms of use. Choose which account (Facebook or Twitter) you would like to use for nana’s registration. Recommended users will appear when your account is properly created. We recommend you to follow some of these users who create great musical performances. Tap “Done” to finish with initial setting.
Please enjoy a world of nana!

How to use nana

How can I record and post my performance?

Tap “Record” on main tab of nana App to start recording. You have 90 sec. to perform (singing, playing instruments, talking, or whatever you like).

“Effect”screen appears when you tap “stop” during recording or spend 90 sec. on recording. You can arrange your performance by adding variety of sound effects such as echo. Tap ✓ to finish adding effects.

You can name your performance and add some comments on your performance on “Info” screen. (Current Version of App only shows two lines of comments). Posting starts when you tap “Done”, and progress bar will appear on “Feed” menu. Posting completes when progress bar disappears.

How can I listen to performances on nana?

Performances posted by users you follow appear on “Feed” screen listed in chronological order.
It starts playing as you tap these postings.

How can I “Applause”?

You can applause when you find favorite piece of work by tapping “Applause” on “playback“ screen. You can see a list of users who gave “Applause” to the performance by tapping “Applauses & Comments”. You are also able to look back which performances you gave “Applause” in the past by tapping “Applause” on your profile menu. Give “Applause” to your favorite performances!

How can I leave comments on someone’s performance?

Tap “comment” on “playback” screen to add comments on the performance.
You can see all comments on the performance by tapping “Applauses & Comments” on “playback” screen.

How can I create collaborative works with others?

Tap “Overdub” on “Playback” screen to start creating collaborative works. This great feature of nana gives you opportunities to enjoy playing music with anyone in the world.

Although the recording process stays the same, we recommend you to use earphones because you have to listen to original performance as you overdub.

Of course you can add sounds effects, title, and comments just like when you create your work from scratch. Tap “Done” to post it.

How can I delete my work posted on nana?

Tap a round button consists of three dots on “Playback” screen of your work, and tap “Delete “ to eliminate your work from nana.

How can I report any works against terms of use?

Tap a round button consists of three dots on “Playback” screen of the work you found, and tap “Report” to let us know about it. Please report us when you find works that might be in violation with terms of use such as direct use of audio source from CD.

How can I find works and users that suit my taste?

Tap “Discover” on main menu to search users and works. You can see nana’s recommended users as well.

What is “News” function?

By tapping “News” on main menu, you can see works that are recently given “Applause”, commented, followed, or overdubbed. (Current version of App doesn't push)

How can I see my user profile?

Tap “Me” to see your user profile as well as lists of works you posted, works you gave “Applause”, followers and following users.

A button on upper left on profile screen opens account setting screen. You can edit your user profile by tapping “Profile”.

How can I follow users?

Tap “Follow” on profile screen of the user you want to follow. Tap again to unfollow.

How can I logout?

Tap a button on upper left on your profile screen to open account setting. Tap “Logout” and confirm to logout.

Where can I find terms of use and privacy policy of the service?

Tap a button on upper left on your profile screen to open account setting. Refer to “Terms of Use” and “Privacy Policy”.

Other questions

Why are profile and comments are limited to show only two lines?

We initially expected to have less literal communication as the service was designed to communicate through music. However, we are currently working on updating to make it possible to see full text.

What is a monitoring function?

nana has a monitoring function which makes it possible for you to hear what you record from earphones as you record. This function helps making better recording environment.

Change in Twitter / Facebook profile picture does not reflect on nana. What do I do about it?

Logout from nana, and login again to nana. Your profile picture should have been changed after that.

- Please refer "How can I logout?" for Logout operation.

Can I use Bluetooth headphones?

Bluetooth headphones / microphones are currently not supported. Please wait for future update.

How can I cancel the membership?

Go to [Me] then [Prefs] (the wheels button), where you will find the option to [Delete This Account]. You may delete your account from the following screen.

If you are using an older version of nana, the option will not be displayed. Please follow the above steps after updating nana from the App Store.

Please note that by deleting your account, you will lose all data including the sounds you have uploaded on nana.


Music doesn’t start. What is the problem?

It could take time to stream music depending on signal condition especially when you are using on 3G network. We suggest to use through Wi-Fi network.

When ”Loading error” appears repeatedly, please shut down the App once and restart it.

It can’t connect to the Internet.

Please make sure you have 3G or Wi-Fi signal.
It you see signal, please try shutting down the App and start over.

App is not functioning properly.

Please shut it down once, and try restarting it. It would be very helpful if you share about the problem on your App with us from inquiry form on our website.

I can’t login with Twitter account.

You need to register your Twitter account on your iPhone before using the account for nana’s registration.

Go “Setting” to “Twitter”, make sure your Twitter account is properly registered on your iPhone. On the same screen, scroll down to the App list to make sure you allow “nana” App to use your account.

I can’t play music from nana on my PC.

A. We support following web browsers to play music.

  • Safari (Win/Mac)
  • Mobile Safari (iPhone, iPad)
  • Chrome (Win/Mac)
  • Android Web Browser

I can’t share my work on Facebook after updating nana to Version 0.7.2.

Sharing your work on Facebook becomes available from nana version 0.7.2. For this reason, those of you who has recently updated nana from previous version (0.7.1) need to redo login process. Please follow the instruction below.
(Note: Japan Only - World Wide Version is ver. 1.0 and this problem is already solved)

  • 「Tap “setting” on “my page”
  • Tap “logout”
  • Login with Facebook account
  • Now you should be able to share your work on Facebook

I have a problem on login with my Twitter account.

Please delete your Twitter account from your iPhone once, and register it again. To do so, go “Setting” on your iPhone, tap “Twitter”, delete your Twitter account registered on your iPhone. Once you delete it, add the account again. After you add the Twitter account, scroll down to the App list to make sure you allow “nana” App to use your account.

Customer Support

How can I send my feedback to you?

Please visit our website Contact Pageto send comments from inquiry form. Your opinion always matters to us.


What do I have to know about copyright?

nana is a licensed service provider permitted to use music that are

  • originally sang by a user
  • originally played by a user
  • originally played by a user by operating MIDI application, DTM application, Vocaloid application and other musical software.

Direct use of audio source from CD is not permitted on nana.